Luke Hui Chun Hei
As a skilled Full Stack Developer, I have experience creating
e-learning platforms, developing questionnaire systems, and designing document workflow solutions.
My technical expertise includes proficiency in various programming languages such as C# and js, as well as experience with databases and web development frameworks.
I am a problem-solver at heart and thrive in a collaborative environment where I can bring my innovative ideas to life.
image8 yrs exp.
image> 1 yrs exp.
image3 yrs exp.
Nuxt MVC webform
2011 - 2014
Higher Diploma in Computer and Information Engineering
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
2010 - 2011
Diploma in Digital Electronics Technologoy
Youth College
2023 Apr - now
Software Engineer
MPower Technologies Limited
Mainly responsible for maintaining and deploying a microservice system using .NET (C#).
The company's product is MPower O2O, an enterprise SAAS platform that delivers conversational commerce to Asia's mobile salesforce.
Successfully increased the system's broadcast quantity from 4000-5000 messages per day to 30000-40000 messages per day during my tenure. This resulted in approximately a 900% improvement in performance.
Implemented enhancements and optimizations that significantly improved the stability of the system.
2021 Dec - 2023 Apr
Analyst Programmer
New World Construction Company Limited
I am primarily responsible for maintaining a document workflow system that streamlines our organization's operations and increases productivity.
I have conducted extensive research and development in order to optimize our systems and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly-evolving industry.
I have successfully updated and modernized legacy webform systems, utilizing contemporary design principles and cutting-edge technology to deliver an enhanced user experience.
2017 Mar - 2021 Dec
Programmer (Freelance)
B-wil Limited
I have leveraged Vue.js (Nuxt) for the front-end and .NET Core for the API to develop a variety of websites, including E-learning platforms, E-commerce sites, and Questionnaire systems.
My extensive understanding of the entire software development lifecycle, from coding to requirements gathering to website architecture, allows me to deliver reliable and innovative solutions to my clients.
By carefully collaborating with clients and prioritizing their needs and preferences, I consistently deliver exceptional products that meet their exact specifications and exceed their expectations.
2016 Mar - 2017 Mar
Innovatio Limited
I have recently expanded my skills to include API and app development, leveraging tools such as Xamarin and ASP.NET MVC API to create engaging social media experiences for my clients and their users.
My work has evolved to include the careful design and implementation of complex SQL table structures, a vital component of modern software development that requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of database architecture.
2015 Nov - 2016 Mar
Innowil Limited
My primary focus is on front-end development, using my deep understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JQuery) to create engaging, dynamic user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience.
I have extensive experience using ASP.NET WebForms to develop highly functional front-end systems, and I am adept at leveraging this powerful tool to deliver exceptional web experiences.
My work has included the development of both brand official websites and complex forum systems, both of which required a careful balance of design, functionality, and user engagement in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for my clients.